Rotary Sailing Day

Sorry, can’t get the photo’s to go the right way up!!!


All aboard!

Captain Jess!

Out in the ‘speedboat’…

David getting the short straw!

Mike trying his hardest to peel a boiled egg!

Back on dry land 🙂

Family Feedback

Feedback from the young people

Write 5 ways WYCP has helped/supported you…..

Going to places I wouldn’t of normally
Making Friends in the same situation, getting out in the holidays
Being able to talk to someone if I need it
Make new friends
Calm down
Not to worry about school
Help with home work
Take care of other peoples things
Support you
Care for you
Help You
They […]

How we’ve helped Emma

How we’ve helped Emma

Emma, a young carer in Winchester (former student at Kings’ School), talks about the support she has received:

For the past 4 years, I have been caring for my disabled mum who has a long term illness which has deteriorated over the years.  At any time, I never felt alone because of the help […]