Terri Sandison

I joined the Management Committee in 2010 as the University of Winchester had just formed outreach links with the Project. It is really useful to share information about the Project with University staff and students and to support young carers through activities run in partnership with the University.

Sean Toomer

I joined the project in 2011 as a Trustee & Treasurer. The things I do for the project maybe boring, but are still a necessity to provide the Young Carers with a service they so desperately need and deserve.

Kim Salter

I joined the project around Jan 2011 because I had time to spare once my son had left for Uni. It was definitely a case of filling that ‘empty nest’ and now I feel like I’ve got lots of little chicks to enjoy! I enjoy being part of such a positive group of people, both staff, volunteers and young people.

Flora McCallum

I joined the project in 2001 because I wanted to contribute to the local community. I’ve gained a lot from it all, training, meeting people, making a contribution. Quite a lot of other things have changed for me in the past 10 years but the Project has been a consistent.

Venetia Bocchetta

I joined in 2014 because having teenage children myself, I see the everyday stresses that young people face. Our amazing  Young Carers have the additional responsibility of providing support to a member of their family.

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