Our Vision

Young carers are children first and should be free to develop emotionally and physically and to take full advantage of opportunities for educational achievement and life success.

Our Mission

To improve the lives of children and young people with caring responsibilities by providing safe, quality support to individuals and offering an inclusive and holistic approach which considers the needs of the whole family.

How we’ve helped Emma

For the past 4 years, I have been caring for my disabled mum who has a long term illness which has deteriorated over the years.  At any time, I never felt alone because of the help and support given by Winchester Young Carers .In stressful times in school I was able to have 1:1 support so I had someone I could talk to and open up about how I was feeling.  When my Mum had major surgery I was also able to receive support out of school which helped me cope a lot better than if I had been alone.  I also attended the Young Carers festival at YMCA Fairthorne Manor which was AMAZING and gave me time away from caring. As my confidence grew I helped deliver assemblies in my school to make sure others knew about the support available. Now having left school and started college, the support continues when I need it. I never look back at joining Winchester Young Carers.

How we’ve helped Elly

As long as I remember I’ve been caring for my mum, but for  so long it was un-supported care. She suffers from complex illnesses and depression which means on a bad day she may not be able to get out of bed. I do anything I can to help her from physical help to mental and emotional support. Joining WYC  just over a year ago has changed mine and my family’s life dramatically.

Before I joined I was a shy, struggling school girl with no-one to turn to and my dreams were limited. I thought I would be held back by everything I had to do. The incredible support has helped me develop into a confident, happy, young lady.I have been supported through school and home issues with 1:1 support and group sessions. Every time I smile or achieve something new I think “I probably wouldn’t be doing this without the support I receive”.

Everyone at WYC  helps to develop children to become stronger and happier and they also help us to love life. Without the support and opportunities I have been given I don’t know where I would be. I have been given the childhood I may not of had and I am now chasing my dreams. My dream is achievable and my caring role doesn’t have to hold me back. I don’t think everyone supporting young carers realises the impact they have.

I have witnessed first hand how lives are better, people are happier and our determination is getting us through. I just hope that young carers can continue to be supported just as I have and have their lives changed for the better.

How we’ve helped Fiona

From the age of 11 years old, I was caring for my sister who at the time was diagnosed with cancer; she got better however it then developed into me caring for my mum who had depression and later on my brother who was diagnosed with autism. I would help out with cooking for my family, making sure bills were paid and that the cleaning and cooking was done around the house and that my siblings were okay at school and that their homework was done. I first joined the project back in 2005. Before joining the project I was a quiet girl with low self-esteem and got on with life thinking this was the only way for me. However WYCP has helped developed me into the person I am today and I couldn’t be happier.  The support I gained from the project meant that I was able to manage family life with school and achieved good grades in my GCSE’s.  

I am so grateful with the support that I gained from the project as without them I don’t think I would have been able to achieve as much as I have done today especially now with gaining my degree in Criminology which I did not think was possible coming from me. WYCP has much become like a second family for me, even now at the age of 21, I share my positive experiences with life as they were primarily the main influences through my life growing up. Also at the age of 18 instead of leaving the project, I became a volunteer. This was my way to give back what I gained from the project. Having the first-hand experience with how the project helps with young people’s lives, I wanted to help make that difference to others as well. Seeing the children walk out of club and seeing a smile on their face, you know you have helped them in some way which is something I know helped me a lot whilst my time at Winchester Young Carers.

Activities Programme

Provides a diverse activities programme, giving the young people much needed time out and lots of fun!


Exploration Programme

Provides a safe place for the young people to share their thoughts, feelings, needs and concerns.


Support in Schools

Lunch time drop-ins, awareness raising assemblies, staff training.

Befriending Scheme

Provides a chance for young carers to have time out from their caring role with a volunteer.

Family Support

Provides an inclusive, wide ranging and holistic approach that considers the needs of the whole family.

Parent Coffee Morning